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The Roman Tour

AKA Bullshitium Londindium

Meet Maximus Deceivius Mischievian, commander of the armies of mirth, and join his ranks if you dare. Armed only with our wit we may be small match for the forces of history, truth and common sense but fortune favours the strange. Come with us and learn* once and for all exactly what the Romans have done for us.

Photograph taken by: Ben Dawlatly

Bullsh!tium Londinium was a unique interactive comedy experience commissioned in 2017 by The City of London as part of their Roman Season.


Audiences enjoyed a very silly walking tour full of lies and occasional truths about Roman London led by the Australian Roman Centurian Decivious Mischevious (thankyou Russell Crowe.)

It was both well attended and well received by the public. Over 500 people signed up for tickets and among the anonymous feedback they provided to the third party audience agency who collated the feedback were these gems.

  • A fun way to spend a Sunday morning in London

  • Definitely going to do another Bullshit tour - Reuben was fantastic and have recommended to many friends who have already booked

  • Host was awesome!

  • I thought I knew City pretty well however there are always more alleys to explore.

  • Reuben was an excellent host and managed to win over an initially sceptical crowd with his charming nonsense half of which I still can't figure out if true or not...

  • So glad Bullsh!tium was included in Londinium!

  • The guide did a great job of tailoring his content to the very mixed audience who turned up. I also liked the fact that the humour was subtle, not slapstick, and it was more than just a bit of nonsense. I particularly liked the rather touching end to the tour. Overall it opened my eyes to a part of London I've worked in before but had never explored beyond the main streets. As a resident Londoner, I need to get out more like this!

  • The last stop, at the grave of the unknown roman girl, was very moving. The guide was in fact very knowledgeable about roman history, but hid it well.

  • The small badge keepsake at the end of the tour was a great idea.

  • The tour was excellent! So funny and so nice to explore parts of London you don't usually see. The kind of event that makes you realise how great London is and feel happy to be alive.

  • very enjoyable - thank you it has made me want to learn more about history of the area generally, and get out and about more generally!

  • Very witty and well done.

  • We had a mixture of ages. There were some people who were translating what Reuben said to us to non English people on the tour - but we all had a great time.

This tour is not currently running for the public, however if you have an interest in the Roman history of London, a (greater) interest in laughing and some kind of reason to call upon this tour then just like the Latin language it could be resurrected so if you are a bunch of Roman historians who need a social night out for example then please get in touch.

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