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What is a Bullshit tour?

It's a walking tour where the facts are all Bullshit*

* Although, the fact that all the facts are bullshit is in fact, the first bullshit fact. In actual fact, there are, actual facts. Not a lot of facts, don't worry, it's suitable for people on a low-fact diet, but in the interests of being factually accurate I have to warn you that the tours may sometimes contain traces of facts.

How did it start?

You may be surprised to discover that this company was conceived of, in a pub.

Back in 2012 I landed a job as a tour guide. A job I was lacking the fundamental qualifications for. Namely, knowing facts.

In a bid to appear as though I could do my job I started making stuff up.  It was an awful thing to do but it made for a good story. 

In the process of relaying this story, in the pub, to my dear friend, Rob Smythson, the idea of creating a tour which was enitrely bullshit was born. We ran the company together for the first year and since then I have been Londons most honest bullshiter.

Time Out London have twice listed me as being, ahem.... One of the 'Top 101 things to do in the city'

Is this for real?

Yes it absolutely is. I've been doing this for seven years (and counting). It's been a wonderful adventure.

I have written two tours of London myself.

One of them is utter nonsense, the other one is a ridiculous way of talking about the utter nonsense of the financial sector.

I have been commissioned to create five tours for other people. Either for specific events or locations.

I have written tours of Primrose Hill, Falmouth, Shakespeare's London, The Silverstone F1 woodlands campsite & Roman London.

The tours of Shakespeare's London and Roman London have been for the City of London themselves.

I am now the official bullshitter of the City of London.

If you want me to make you a tour, please get in touch.

With a lot of help from an amazing photographer called Will Purcell, I self published a book, which is a collection of jokes from the tour made into image form. I still have a few copies left if you're interested.

To keep up to date with everything that I'm doing, please follow me on facebook or twitter.


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