The Origins of Bullshit

Making up things which aren't strictly true is a defining attribute of our species. Tour guides were invented in 18th Century Japan. Much like the combination of a doctor with some pepper, Bullshit London fuses these two things to create something greater than the sum of it's parts. Founded in 2013 by Reuben Williams and Rob Smythson Bullshit London provide guided tours of Bullshit. Reimagining the purpose of existing landmarks, cracking jokes about real ones and exploring some of the Bullshit we all carry around in our heads. 
Rob is off being awesome with Son & Sons so currently Reuben runs most of the tours himself. There are also a few other highly trained tour guides who lie in wait (wherever wait is, there are a preponderance of liars there). The tours are mostly nonsense, occasionally factual but always enjoyable.

The creation of one of 'The Most Fun Things to do in London'

Over the last 4 years the tours have grown increasingly popular. In 2016 Bullshit London was included in Time Outs Top 100 things to do in London for the third year in a row. Reuben has also written Bullshit tours of Shakespeares London, Falmouth and Primrose Hill so far, a book has been made of some of the bullshit and there is an international tour in the pipeline.

Some people claim that this tour is the best tour they've ever been on. But then again they could be lying.


The tours are conducted at a reasonably brisk pace and one of the routes involve steps (sorry). If you have accessibility issues please contact us in advance.
If you're interested in commissioning a Bullshit tour of your home town or collaborating to create one please get in touch to find out more.
Book online HERE
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