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The City Tour

Aka the 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants' tour

I wrote this tour because I am have become awakened to the knowledge that the financial system is eating people alive! I intend to stop that. By spreading my truths. Be warned. This tour is not for those of you who don't like having politics shouted at you.

Taking you off the beaten trail in more ways than one. This tour takes you away from the better known tourist hotspots and joyfully explores some of more the unusual and contradictory city architecture.


It is also a journey which will lead you far away from your current (ignorant) understanding about how the financial system works and exposes you to shocking new truths which will (probably) BLOW YOUR MINDS!!!


Your tour guide will be wearing a flamboyant jacket or an ostentacious outfit. You WILL find us. We promise. 

We meet outside the westerly exit of Moorgate tube station (see above). The tour lasts approx 75 mins and finishes at
Bank Station.

There are 3 types of ticket available, Standard, Concession and Premium.

Standard; bog standard, run of the mill, ordinary and perfectly normal ticket.

Concession; For students, OAPS, unemployed people or anyone who feels more than usually put upon

Premium; This ticket costs more than a standard ticket and is only for our premium customers. You get the same experience that everyone else gets with one crucial difference. You are premium.


To book for the city tour, please CLICK HERE.

This will take you to our bookings page on another site.

(You will need a paypal account. If this is a problem, just contact us.)

The tours are conducted at a reasonably brisk pace. If you have any accesibility issues please get in touch beforehand. If you want to do the tour you can also book a tour for any time on any day that suits you as long as there are at least 7 of you. Simply get in touch to arrange a private tour.

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