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Nice things people have said about the tours

Reviews and Quotes

​"Puts the city back in mendacity.... the perfect way to learn less about the capital" - Matt Brown, The Londonist


"The South Bank plays an endearing host and willing ally to the showering of shoddy folk lore."- Lorna Jones, Lolly Does London


"there is no danger of any education going on. Because why would you want facts when you can hear tales of exploding monarchs and mermaids, see ‘tributes of phallic emotion’ in the skyline or visit the ‘famous bin that Hugh Grant got off with in Love Actually’? Quite." -Charlotte Cox,


“What's intriguing is Reubens' ability to craft factually inaccurate stories from true facts and info involving some reasonably famous landmarks and locations. From gross-mistruths to bizarre and odd tit-bits that often have you laughing out loud in complete awe.”


"Leading us through the streets of The City, like some deceptive Pied Piper, Reuben wove a tapestry of lies that put the Bayeux to shame... But as always, beneath the silliness of Bullshit’s facade, Reuben always likes to leave us with something more stoic and sobering. [He] reminded us all of the fragility of life, and the silly things we worry about everyday, which when you boil it down to its essence is probably just a proper lot of nonsense anyway." -Nicola,


"Thank You for a fabulous tour ... moving in turns, as well as profoundly philosophical... Guy Debord would be proud! I will be happily recommending the tour to friends, but will only tell them to expect the unexpected. And some hearty laughs too. Again, Thank You for such great work and the effort you go to." - Julius


"Thanks for a wonderful evening. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard! You're terribly talented and I can honestly say I (happily) fell for (some of) your bull.I'll definitely spread the word and you might even see me on the City tour someday!" - Archana


Things people haven't said about the tours

"Best thing i've done since I died" - Michael Winner

"When are they going to come and arrest me?" - Bruce Forsyth

"I couldn't keep up (intellectually)" - Stephen Hawking

"I think this is a great thing for london, a great thing for britain and frankly if they need another tour guide I know plenty about the ariel view of victoria park" - Boris Johnson

"How much?" - Aunty Edna

"Never have so few done so much for such a stupid cause" - Winston Churchill

"Every little helps" - Tesco
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