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Bullshit Lonon factually inacurate walking tours est. 2013
Featured in Time Out Lonon's 101 top things to do in London

Bullshit London have been offering improbably fun comedy walking tours since 2013.

2024 Update - Whilst the shitsmiths are hard at work,

minting fresh bullshit in the background, 

we're delighted to offer private tours on demand.

Given our mission statement* it's stomach churning to do this but we appreciate you disgusting people may need some real information so.... regrettably.... here are some facts:


Tours last approx. 1 hour, run from St Paul's to the Southbank and can accommodate up to 30 people.


Please contact us if you'd like to book a tour.

*Mission statement: Fuck facts

I am your Bullshit tour guide. Your rent-a-fool.


Here I am. Trying to look somewhat amusing.






My name is Reuben. I am Britain's honestist bullshitter.


For the last 11 years I have given the UK's best (and only) factually inaccurate tours. I have left my indelible mark on thousands of impressionable minds and hopefully little learning has occurred as a result.



If you'd like to book a tour or have any questions please click here to get in touch with me.


If you'd like to know more about the bullshit journey of the last eleven years including information on some of the bespoke tours I've created and the book I made. Please click here.

A London Lion lying down - the emblem of Liars
A London Lion lying down - the emblem of Liars

"Puts the city back in mendacity.... the perfect way to learn less about the capital"
- Matt Brown, The Londonist
I am dedicated to giving you an honest good time in a dishonest fashion.
I appreciate that this might cause some trust issues.
If you doubt the calibre of my bullshit
please read some reviews.



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